Conference Proceedings



Participants in the NACCS Tejas 2013 conference have the opportunity to submit their papers for consideration for the NACCS Tejas Foco 2013 Conference Proceedings in the peer-reviewed Rio Bravo: Journal of Borderlands, published by UTPA. 

The submission deadline is April 1st.
  1. Use Times New Roman, size 12 font.
  2. Double space the entire paper including endnotes and Works Cited.
  3. Use endnotes instead of footnotes.
  4. The page limit is 20 pages but you may also submit the short paper you presented at the conference. Please insert accent marks, especially if you use them in your name.
  5. Use MLA (Modern Languages Association) style for Works Cited and endnotes.
  6. Write: "NACCS Tejas 2013 –Rio Bravo Journal" on the Subject line of your email.
  7. Include a brief (50-75 word) author bio.
  8. If you are submitting poetry, submit no more than 3 poems.
  9. You may submit your paper in Spanish, particularly if you presented it at the conference in Spanish. If you submit in Spanish, please also submit an English translation of the paper.
  10. Save your essay/poetry as a Microsoft Word file as follows: “yourfirst initiallastnameNACCS.doc” for example: SHernandezNACCS.doc. Do not include accent marks.
  11. Center your title followed by your name and affiliation right under it
  12. Left justify the entire paper including subheadings in this fashion:
Subheading 1
Subheading 2
Subheading 3

  1. Submit your paper to no later than midnight April 1, 2013:

14. The Editors will consist of UTPA Mexican American Studies faculty and we will notify you by June 1, 2013, about acceptance of the submission. If your paper is accepted you will be given further instructions at that time.